Season’s Greetings from BAM! Tape™.  I certainly hope that everyone is enjoying this magical time of year. Tis the time of year for holiday decorating. I imagine that you are trying to come up with a few creative and budget friendly ways to add some festive touches to your home or office decor. It just so happens that BAM! Tape™ masking tape is a great tool for adding color, whimsy, and style to your seasonal decor. Use our masking tape to wrap gifts, decorate art canvasses, create festive walls, add color to hard floor surfaces, and even decorate your work space.

Masking Tape On Canvas

I love this adorable tree that my kids taped on an art canvas. After they created the tree, I helped them attach a few twinkle lights around the back of the canvas with thumbtacks. After it was all put together, we had a fun and merry decoration that lights up the room. This is a great project to try with your children. You can create a personal gallery for your holiday decorating. The beauty here is that you can remove the tape and reuse the canvas for any holiday or seasonal decor.

Elf Ideas

Does anybody here have one of those busy little elves that shows up around December? Ours gets into all kinds of predicaments. Last year he found our colorful masking tape and surprised us with a tree decoration in the living room. Unfortunately he got a little “caught up” in his holiday decorating work. Don’t worry, he managed to unravel himself! Elves and colorful masking tape just seem to go together. Our elf especially likes our green and red tape! Sometimes he makes little green elf hats and sticks them on our heads in family photos. Sometimes he wraps tape garland on the Christmas tree, and he has even left a tiny gift or two wrapped in pretty tape. Whatever you do, don’t forget to leave your tape out during the holidays so that you don’t miss out on the elf magic! If you enjoy Elf on the Shelf videos, then check out the BAM! Tape Elf on the Shelf video. It’s funny, and you can also see our tape in action!

Wrap A Special Gift

Colorful masking tape isn’t just for decorating. Add a special touch to your gift wrapping by adding some masking tape designs. Whether you are going for whimsical or sophisticated, colored masking tape helps you create a special and unique package. I like to start with a gift wrapped in a solid color like kraft or white. Then I let my creative side take over and start making patterns or even words with my BAM! Tape™ masking tape.

Decorate A Floor

We don’t always think about our floors when we envision holiday decor, but a little color adds some holiday pizzaz for a party or event. Perhaps that little elf will help you out with this one. I decorate our stairs on Christmas Eve so that we all get into our “jolly mode” as we wake up and head down to our family room. My rule of thumb is to only leave masking tape on my hardwood for one day since my finish is old. I don’t want to risk pulling off the finish with the tape. Check out my stairs in the photo on the left, and note that I tape the stairs on the edges where it is less likely to get stepped on. Be sure to test your surfaces in an inconspicuous area before applying masking tape, and never leave it on for an extended period of time.

I hope that you found some good ideas for your holiday decorating. One of my favorite things about using masking tape for decorating is the fact that it is inexpensive to try new things, and I even get to change my decor throughout the holidays. A party for families may look very different from a party for adults only. If you would like to try BAM! Tape™, you can order it here. Follow us on Instagram @bamtape and visit us on Pinterest for even more masking tape tips for the holidays. Please visit our comments section and share your ideas for holiday decorating with masking tape. Enjoy the Season and be merry!