Do you have a little “Maker” in the house? Perhaps a little person who has a collection of stuffies or dolls that need new clothes? Sure, you could head over to the discount store and buy some doll clothes, but wouldn’t it be more fun and creative if your little one could design and make the clothes themselves? How about if I told you that designing and creating doll clothes is actually a STEM activity? Ah, now I have your attention!

Too young to manage needle and thread you say? Hmmm, how about using masking tape? Can you believe that this adorable outfit is made with fabric and colored masking tape? But, the best part is it was super easy to put together. Keep reading to learn how.

So Simple

All you need to put an outfit like this together is a few scraps of fabric, some colored masking tape, a pair of scissors and of course a model such as a stuffed animal or doll. To clarify, you most likely have everything you need sitting on a shelf somewhere. I pieced this outfit together using some leftover scraps that were too small for anything else.

Once you get your kiddo started on making doll clothes, they will be busy at it for hours. So, whatever you do, hang on to your fabric scraps. If you don’t have a big supply, not to worry, because you can easily take old outfits apart and make new ones from the same fabric. In other words, you can recycle your upcycle!

Make A Skirt

Okay, now for the important stuff, how did I make this cute doll outfit for our friend Lemonade? Firstly, we need a skirt. Start with with three rectangles of fabric that are cut so that each can wrap around the model’s body with just a little extra room. Next, tape the rectangles together, on the wrong side of the fabric, so that you have one larger rectangle. Finally, “hem” the skirt by setting the edge of the fabric on a piece of tape and then folding the tape over. I hemmed both the top and the bottom of the skirt.

Wrap Up The Skirt

To finish up, simply wrap the skirt around the body and fasten it with a strip of tape. Notice how I used tape in colors that coordinate with the fabric? I’m using BAM! Tape masking tape, and it comes in lots of great colors that are perfect for this project! You can shop for BAM! Tape here.

Make The Shirt

Now to make the shirt. Relax, It’s super easy! First, cut another rectangle that is big enough to wrap loosely around the top of our model. I cut a v neckline in the middle of the rectangle and lined the neckline with tape. Have fun with the details!

Next, cut 2 strips of fabric to make the straps. I hemmed each strap with masking tape. Now, lay out the large rectangle wrong side up and tape each strap next to the edge of the neckline. Twist the strap a half turn and tape the other end right next to the first end. Don’t worry, if it’s not perfect, tape can be moved around! 

Finish Up The Shirt

Okay, now you are ready to put a hem on the bottom of the shirt, the same way that you hemmed the skirt. Once the hem is done, put the shirt on your model and sew up the back with a piece of colored tape!  Wasn’t that easy?

Ta Da!

And there you have it. I added a little hat as an accessory. Your little fashionista will most likely have their own ideas for ways to add to their outfit, but if you need ideas then think shoes, backpack, jewelry.

I absolutely love how easy it is to design and construct these adorable doll clothes with masking tape. Creating these outfits is such a great way to for kids to use their imagination and engineering brains.  What do you think? Tell us in the comments.