About BAM! Tape™

Aiming for more screen-free days

We are helping parents and teachers inspire kids to use their imaginations and be creative active learners. We make this possible by offering colorful, fun and safe tape products that kids can use for art, science, STEM/STEAM, active play and games.

Our story

Founded in 2015 by Dan and Alisa Axtman, Bam! Tape™ is a small family company located in beautiful Boise, Idaho, otherwise known as “The City of Trees”. We live, work and play in Boise with our three beautiful children (who happen to be triplets), who we affectionately refer to as Larry, Curly and Moe.

They are our first and only children, and they keep us on our toes and fill our lives with fun and excitement. We realize that we only have one shot at this parenting thing, so we strive to have maximum family time with our crew. We launched Bam! Tape as an opportunity to teach our children about starting and operating a business that can follow you to any place that your dreams take you.

Why Tape?

Because colored masking tape perfectly reflects our parenting philosophy. We have always prioritized creative free play, ingenuity and art. Our tape beautifully supports these types of activities and allows kids to express themselves in ways that we may have never expected or imagined. Masking tape is inexpensive, and kids can pretty much put it anywhere without any permanent impact. How fun is that? It is also easy to use the tape for art and STEM concepts.

Why “BAM”?

The Bam! Tape™ story is one of love, trust and adventure. When we began dating, we were both snowboarding, mountain biking adventure fiends. We soon discovered that we were often thinking the same thing as we stared down a steep wooded chute of snow or teetered at the top of a narrow rocky trail.

We were both thinking, “let’s do this.” But we had no time for words. So, we would look at each other, and one of us would say “Bam!” and then we were off on our adventure. This is how we dove into the world of developing and selling products. Both of us wanted more flexibility to spend time together as a family, and both of us were starting to wonder how we could teach our trio about taking life by the reigns and guiding our future. Let’s just say that it was a “Bam!” moment when we jumped into this fabulous adventure.

Our Values


WE INSPIRE today’s young minds to become tomorrow’s creators, as they explore art, science, pretend play, active play and teamwork. For us, it’s about more than tape. It’s about empowering kids to try new things and let their imagination take flight.


WE BELIEVE in good citizenship. As good citizens in our community and world, we partner with community groups and organizations that offer fun, outside-the-box activities for kids and families. We love the Earth and strive to make our products, materials and packaging as Earth-friendly as possible.


WE BELIEVE in offering products that we can stand behind, and that our customers will want to recommend to their friends and family. This is why our family personally researches, tests and uses each product that we sell. 


WE THINK that buying stuff should be fun and easy, and that buying our stuff should leave you happy. To that end, we hold ourselves accountable and make returns hassle free, answer your questions quickly and make sure each package puts a smile on your face.