Alphabet Maze

Suggested age for this project: 1-5 years old


Who doesn’t remember learning their ABC’s while singing the alphabet song? Nobody, right? It just might be one of the first songs that we sing with our toddlers. I know that I sang it…a lot! Singing is so much fun, but how do we add some sorting, eye-hand coordination and problem solving to make the alphabet song a little bit more interesting, and perhaps give it more STEAM? How about making it AMAZING with masking tape? This is a great project for older siblings since it facilitates a way for them to teach and help their younger brother or sister, and they have fun trying to trick them with wrong turns in the maze. Let’s make an alphabet maze with some BAM! Tape™!


  • BAM! Tape™ Masking Tape
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Sharpie Marker or other permanent marker that doesn’t smear
  • A hard surface, preferably a floor or sidewalk so that you have plenty of room
Let's Make It!

The goal with this project is to have the “maze runner” follow the alphabet to the end of the maze while singing the alphabet song. You should add some potential dead ends and wrong turns to keep it interesting, but remember to make it solvable for your maze runner.

You may want to plan your maze out with pen and paper, or you may want to make it up as you go. Either way, this is an easy yet rewarding project.

Step 1: Plan The Maze

Look at your space, and get an idea of how many twists and turns you will want in your maze. You will also need to decide how big you want to go. Younger children will typically do best with fewer turns, and kids who have more understanding of the alphabet will enjoy a bit more complication in the maze.

I suggest that you sketch out your maze on a piece of paper before getting into the tape.

Step 2: Tape Your Maze to the Floor

I typically go with one tape color for this project, but there are ways that color changes can be used to add interest. Perhaps intermingle a blue maze and a purple maze and then have them find their way through a specific color. I am building a maze for a little guy who is just now learning the alphabet, so I’m going with one tape color.

Using your sketch as a guide, simply tape your maze on the floor or other hard surface. I am putting my maze outside on a paved surface.


Use a permanent marker to label the turns in the correct path with the letters of the ABC’s. In ABC order of course, unless you are deviating from this and torturing your kids. No, you wouldn’t do that!

The number of dead ends and wrong ways should be determined by the abilities of your players. By all means, be challenging, but don’t frustrate.

Your maze should start with “A” and end with “Z”. Yup.

Step 3: Amaze Them

Now for the fun part, helping your little one make their way through the alphabet. I like to supply a “companion” to move through the maze such as a vehicle, toy person or perhaps a toy animal or game piece. If your maze is big enough, they can walk or hop through it.

Ask your kiddo if they can find their way through the alphabet maze while singing the alphabet song.


Get your phone out and get ready to make a darling video! You may need to help them along. Laugh along when they make a wrong turn. “Oh no, you got trapped by a naughty R hiding before Q!” “Quick, let’s turn around and get away from that pesky N always trying to come before M!” You get the idea, make it a fun alphabet adventure that they will want to try again.
Step 4: Do It Again But Different

You can use your maze more than once and still keep it interesting, challenging and fun.

Challenge 1: Go through the maze backwards

Challenge 2: Time yourself and then beat your time. Or race a friend.

Challenge 3: Each time you get to a letter, say a word that starts with that letter.

Challenge 4: Alphabet Maze Olympics where you have multiple mazes that get more challenging as you progress

Okay, you get the idea. I hope that you find even more ways to use the alphabet maze and then let me know about your experience.

Wrap Up

Well, not too much to wrap up on this project. Please remember to not leave tape on hardwood floors for an extended period of time since at some point after being repeatedly stepped on you can pull up some of your finish. If you build your maze on a playground or other public place, please remember to remove it and dispose of it properly. The alphabet maze is such a fun and simple activity that delivers both learning and movement opportunities. I love these simple activities that are big givers. I hope that your kiddo walked away with a better understanding of our alphabet and most importantly a great big smile and feelings of success!