Masking Tape Gift Wrap


How many rolls of gift wrap do you have lurking in your closets? I used to have at least 10…or more. With three kids and oodles of birthday invites, I was constantly heading to the store to buy a new roll so that we could have just the right color or style for the gift recipient or occasion. Not anymore! When I discovered the beauty and flexibility of using BAM! Tape™ masking tape as part of my gift wrap, I was able to decrease the number of rolls of wrapping paper down to a few basic colors. Primarily, I use white or brown craft paper. I also use white or brown gift bags. I wrap gifts with masking tape for birthdays, Christmas, house warming and pretty much any other occasion. It’s so much fun to customize the wrapping, and the versatility means that it can be appropriate for any age!


  • Scissors
  • Ruler (not pictured)
  • Paper in white, kraft paper brown or any other solid color
  • Masking Tape in 1″ and 1/4″ widths in your choice of colors (BAM! Tape™ has 10 colors to choose from)
  • Clear Tape
  • A gift to wrap
Let's Make It!

Step 1: Size Your Paper

Measure and cut your paper to fit your gift

Step 2: Wrap the Box

Wrap the gift with the paper using the clear tape to secure the ends in neat folds.

Step 3: Measure

Measure your wrapped gift along the length where you would like to write a message if you are following along with our gift that says “HAPPY”. My gift is 14” wide Divide your measurement by the number of letters in your message as well as an extra 2 measurements for the sides if you would like white space.
I have 5 letters and I want white space, so 5 +2 = 7. 14/7 = 2. My white space and letters will be 2” with my letters touching each other.

Step 4: Tape Some Guidelines

For our “Happy” gift wrap, I decided to decorate the edges with strips of 1” wide masking tape in a color that will contrast with “Happy”. These strips will help me as a guide to keep my letters the same height and on a straight line. I need all the help that I can get!

Step 5: Start Taping Letters

Using the 1/4” masking tape, begin taping your first letter, leaving white space on the left side if you have calculated that in. I am leaving 2” of white space, so I begin taping the “H” at 2” on my ruler. I center the letter over the hash mark of my measurement.

Step 6: Measure and Level

Continue taping your letters, using your ruler as a guide for size, and to keep them on a straight line. You will need to cut your tape into pieces, as shown below for the “A”. I neatly snipped off the top of the “A” after I had the pieces where I wanted them.

Step 7: Finish Your Letters

Finish taping your letters.

Snip off any wayward ends.

Add any additional embellishment that you would like.

You are ready to give this gift to someone special!

Wrap Up

I hope that you had fun with this gift wrap project. There are so many options for gift decorating when you apply colorful BAM! Tape™ masking tape. You can stay linear and keep it sophisticated, or you can get a little crazy for a whimsical look. You can even curl strips of tape and build a fun bow! Don’t forget to let the kids get in on the action so that they can add their personal touch to the “oh so special” gifts that they give. This is such a great way to customize your gift giving, and I love that you can use this method for both small and large sized gifts. If you have a chance, please check in with me at and share your gift wrap project.