Nature Walk Bracelet

Suggested age for this project: 1-12 years old


Who is ready to go for a hike or walk and collect some “nature samples”? You will definitely need a BAM! Tape™ nature bracelet to easily carry all of those little things that you pick up along the trail. This is a super simple project. It is a great one to do if you are having a party that includes a nature walk, or just have a few friends over and want to get outside.


  • BAM! Tape™ Masking Tape
  • An outdoor location to gather nature samples

Step 1: Measure

Tear off a piece of masking tape that is long enough to wrap around your wrist 1 1/2 times.

Step 2: Put it on Your Wrist

Loosely wrap the tape, sticky side out around your wrist and stick it to itself to secure it. Don’t wrap it too tight or too loose; you want it to stay on but not cut off your circulation or rip.

Step 3: Go on a Hike!

Now go outside and take a walk.

Find small things from nature that you can collect and stick to your bracelet.

Be creative and take the time to look more closely at the ground as well as the vegetation. I bet that you can stand in one spot and practically fill a bracelet with 20 different things!

Remember to respect Nature:

  • Please do not collect living bugs or animals. Dead bugs are fine!
  • Be sure to know how to recognize poisonous plants that may grow in the area. Some are poisonous to eat, (Do not eat anything that you find on your nature walk), and some, like poison ivy and poison oak, are poisonous to even touch. Do not touch them!
  • If you are in a place that doesn’t allow you to pick flowers, don’t pick the flowers.
  • Remember that there is nature in your own back yard, and it is usually safe to pick a flower or two there!

Poison Ivy

Step 4: The Big Reveal

After your hike, take a look at your bracelet and think about the things that you put on it.

  • Can you identify the flowers, seeds, and types of rock that you found?
  • Compare your bracelet with someone else. Did you find different types of things?
  • Does your bracelet say anything about you or the area that you visited? Are you a flower collector? Are you into rocks?
  • When you are done wearing your bracelet, have an adult carefully cut your bracelet so that you can take it off.
  • You can save your bracelet by taping it to a sheet of paper or cardboard. Label it and collect bracelets from different walks and locations

Wrap Up

Fun Ways To Use BAM! Tape™ Bracelets

  • Create nature teams with an assignment to collect certain types of specimens.
  • Have a nature bracelet scavenger hunt with a list of items to find and collect.
  • Have a nature race to see who can be first to find ten different flowers, seeds or something else.