Colored Masking Tape – Thin Rolls


  • All the colors you need in one package! 10 rolls of narrow Colorful Masking Tape.
  • Lots of tape! Each roll is 60 yards x 1/4 inch.
  • Great for using on whiteboards.
  • Tears easily off the roll, sticks on most surfaces.
  • Feel good about your purchase – eco-friendly BAM! Tape™ is made from biodegradable crepe paper.

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Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 in
Be the hero at home and at school with our colored masking tape. Kids of all ages can create fun projects with BAM! Tape™. Use it for math, science, art and STEM projects. Create wall murals, photo booth backdrops and party decorations. Or use BAM! Tape™ for journaling and labeling.

Our premium crepe paper tape comes in a handy 10 pack with every color you need. This colored masking tape sticks to most surfaces including tile, linoleum, and walls. When you are ready for a new design, the masking tape comes off cleanly.

  • Enjoy Fun and Creative Projects With Colorful Decorative Tape by Bam! Tape™. This value pack of 10 large 1/4 inch wide rolls of colored masking tape is great for anyone who is planning holiday decorations, classroom decorations, temporary home decor, art projects, event decorating, floor or sidewalk marking or even color coding and labeling projects!
  • These high quality tapes are a must have for parents, grade school teachers, preschool teachers, museum staff, babysitters, art teachers and music teachers. Bam! Tape™ crepe paper masking tape is strong, flexible, durable and easily removed. It peels and tears off the roll easily and repositioning is no problem. Forget about tiny rolls of washi tape and expensive tapes in limited colors. Compare to scotch and save money! Use colored masking tape for sticker labels and color coding boxes and bins. 10 stunning colors will inspire your holiday decorating, party decor, art projects for children and even math projects.
  • If you need to teach shapes or colors, try making it fun with colorful tape. Fine motor skill activities are fun when little hands are tearing tape and using it for creative projects. Create roadways and train tracks with your children and watch their excitement as they play with their vehicles and people! If you need a durable masking tape to mark floors or even outdoor surfaces, we have you covered. Use colorful strips of masking tape to mark floors where kids line up or stand for school performances. Save money and get 10 bright colors. This makes a great teacher gift. Each 10 roll pack includes purple, green, light green, pink, black, blue, light blue, red, orange and yellow. Dimensions: 60 yards x 1/4 inch for a total of 600 yards.
  • Spend Quality Time with Your Kids and Family: Kids of all ages enjoy creative projects with colorful masking tape. Use colored masking tape to create unusual sculptures, geometric designs, and temporary cities and roadways on walls and floors. Math art projects and activities are fun when sticky tape is used to create charts and shapes. If you are busy cooking, then cut a few pieces of masking tape and challenge your kindergartner to make shapes from them on the counter top.
  • Great for School, Preschool and Museum Activities: Our colored masking tape is perfect for creating art projects, science projects and math projects! This is your tool for teaching colors and shapes, charting, classroom decorations, school dance decorations and school play set design. Mark floors for concerts, create colored labels, and even use it outside to make temporary hopscotch courts or to mark distances for races and jumping.
  • Prepare for Holiday Events and Parties: Be ready to easily put up fun and festive holiday decorations that show off your creative style. Our beautiful colors make temporary home decorations and holiday decor fun and easy! This colorful tape goes on and off easily, and can be repositioned several times without losing its stickiness.
Great for Fun Projects: Bright colored masking tape is perfect for creative art projects, party decorations, gift wrapping, temporary home decorating, making color coded label stickers, tape graffiti and holiday decorations.
Best Value and Low Residue: Our masking tape is low tack, which means that it is easy to reposition or remove without leaving a sticky mess behind. Our large rolls are a great value with 60 yards of 1/4 inch tape on each roll.
Each 10 pack of colored masking tape includes red, yellow, blue, light blue, green, light green, pink, orange, purple and black. BAM! Tape™ is low tack and is easily repositioned. It is flexible and durable and tears off the roll without splitting. The colors do not fade, and the tape sticks to most hard surfaces. BAM! Tape™ is strong, but not strong enough for your kids to tape their sibling to a wall, so tell them not to get any ideas.
Each purchase of BAM! Tape™ masking tape comes with access to Tape Town, a whimsical place where you can find plenty of projects and inspiration. Shhh… it’s special place for BAM! Tape™ customers only.

The BAM! Tape™ 10 pack is a perfect gift for both children and adults. Teachers love using our colored masking tape in their classrooms, kids love using it everywhere, and parents really love it on busy days! BAM! Tape™ makes a great teacher or birthday gift. Donate a pack of creative fun to your local library, museum, youth program or shelter.

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