Tins Of Love

Suggested age for this project: 3-10 years old


Give your loved ones something they will cherish this Valentine’s Day. These Tins Of Love are so special, because they are customized by you! Your tin can hold a miniature game, tiny treasures or perhaps a special love note. This is an easy, yet meaningful project. It would be fun to do at a party or as a class project. Or how about making these beautiful Tins Of Love for a Community Service Project? A small cholcolate and a few hugs would certainly put a smile on anyone’s face!


  • BAM! Tape™ Masking Tape
  • Altoids tin or similar
  • Scissors
  • Small items to put inside, we used acrylic hearts, pom-poms, chip-board letters and word magnets from a set we no longer use.
  • Decorations that can include glitter, rubber stamps, markers, stickers, etc.
  • Chocolates or other small wrapped candy

Step 1: Clean Your Tin

Wipe the inside and outside of your tin with a damp cloth. Any residue, such as mint crumbs, will make it hard for the tape to stick. Dry tin thouroughly.

Step 2: Cover Your Tin With A Base Layer

Choose a masking tape base color and cover your tin. Try to be neat and create a layer with smooth edges. Avoid putting tape on the edges of the tin that come together when you close it. Putting tape on those edges will make it hard to open and close the tin.

Step 3: Decorate Your Tin

Now let your imagination and love lead the way!

Based on the theme for your tin, use rubber stamps, glitter, etc to decorate and fill your tin.

Be creative and think about the person who will receive this lovely tin. Will you make a game that you can play with your Grandparent? Perhaps a chocolate and note of thanks for a Veteran? Maybe you are making a tin for your teacher and want to tell her how much you love being in her class!

Let’s Decorate!

I made 2 tins:

Tic-Tac-Toe Tin Of Love

  • I used acrylic hearts and pom-poms for playing pieces.
  • Skinny tape outlines the playing space.
  • I added decorations to the tape using rubber stamps

Hugs and Kisses Tin Of Love

  • First I covered the tin with red masking tape.
  • I found an old refrigerator magnet set and chose “words of love” from it.
  • I put a few magnets on the outside of the tin, and I wrote “I love sweet you” for a loving message.


Now Fill The Tin!

Tic-Tac-Toe Tin Of Love

  • My tin is filled with extra pom-poms and hearts, but you could put it a different set of playing pieces.
  • I added some yummy chocolates.

Hugs and Kisses Tin Of Love

  • I put a few more magnets on the inside of the lid.
  • I filled the tin with chip-board letters to spell “Hugs” and “Kiss” several times.
  • And of course I included a a few chocolate Kisses.



Step 4: Spread Love

Now that you have completed a Tin Of Love, or perhaps a stack of them, it’s time to deliver this token made from the heart. You can deliver your tin in person, or you can mail it. Either way, the person who receives it is bound to feel special and loved. Congratulations, you just made someone smile!

Wrap Up

How Can You Spread Love?

Ther are so many ways that we can share the loving feelings that come from our hearts. Tins Of Love are just one way to do it; here are some other ideas:

  • Visit people who are living in Veteran’s homes, senior homes, or staying in a hospital and do something nice for them. You could read with them, play a song on an instrument, sing, deliver treats, or just have a nice conversation.
  • Leave little messages of love in places where people will find them. this could be at home, at a park or at school. Paint a rock, write it on paper, or write it on a piece of tape.
  • Do special things for the people that you love. Help your parent bag groceries at the store, hold the door open for your brother, bake cookies, or look at family photos with your grandparents.